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Juvenile Crimes

In New Jersey, a Juvenile is defined as anyone charged with a crime that is under the age of 18. There are many differences between being a juvenile charged with a crime and being an adult charged with a crime.  First, Juvenile offenses are dealt with in the Family Part, not the Criminal Part.  Second, when a juvenile is charged with a serious offense, it gives the prosecution the ability to have the juvenile tried as an adult in the Criminal Part.  Third, juveniles face their charges in the county in which they reside, regardless of where the alleged crime occurred.

If your son, daughter, or any family member or friend is charged with a juvenile offense, contact The Law Offices of Alex Cirocco or call us immediately at 973-327-9995 for your free consultation.  

As an Assistant Prosecutor, Mr. Cirocco prosecuted hundreds of juvenile cases, understands the juvenile system, and knows how to navigate the entire process to ensure your family or friend is given the best defense and most favorable outcome for their case.

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