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Criminal Defenses

Every case is different, so the strategy used in your case will be unique to your situation. The best strategy in your case should be formulated by working alongside your attorney.  One commonly used strategy is to attack the state's evidence and have it eliminated from the case; usually applies when the evidence was obtained in an inappropriate manner. If your attorney can convince the court that evidence the prosecutor is using against you was obtained in violation of your constitutional rights, the court can prevent the prosecutor from using that evidence at trial, which weakens their case and strengthens the defense.

Sometimes, the best strategy in the case is mitigation.  This means that your attorney will present the best evidence possible about your life and your history in order to receive a reduced sentence.  Sometimes the best defense is to resolve the case, but with the most favorable sentence possible.

Crafting a defense that will undermine the prosecutor's ability to prove a person's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is challenging, but may sometimes be the only strategy available.  If done properly, you may be acquitted after a trial if your defense is sufficient to demonstrate to a jury that the prosecutor could not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Criminal defenses such as alibi, duress, coercion, self-defense, all require critical analysis and evaluation of an experienced and seasoned professional, who will present your defense in the best light possible.  

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