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Civil Litigation

In New Jersey, all lawsuits seeking monetary damages are heard in the Civil Part of the Superior Court in the county they are filed in. 

The Civil Part is split into 3 divisions, based on how much money the Plaintiff is suing the Defendant for:

  1. Small Claims Court- $3,000 or less
  2. Special Civil Part- $15,000 or less or when a Landlord is seeking possession of their leased premises because the tenant has violated their lease
  3. Civil Division- $15,000 or more

All Civil Lawsuits are predicated by a cause of action.  A cause of action is a fact or event that allows a Plaintiff to bring a lawsuit against a defendant.

Civil Litigation lawsuits can result from various causes of action, including Consumer Fraud, Worker's Compensation, Landlord/Tenant disputes, Breach of Contract, and more.

Civil Litigation is very intense and has dire consequences if deadlines are missed or the incorrect documents are filed.  Mr. Cirocco has been a litigator his entire career and will ensure your case is handled properly and you receive the best possible outcome.

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